Supply chain strategy review and assessment — helps your company rationalize its supply chain decisions and bring them into congruence with your company's business strategy and competitive realities.

Congruence ManagementSM audits — provide a structured assessment of the congruence between your company's strategy and its operations and your company's congruence across its operational units.

Operational analysis services — include analytical, data based studies of specific operational problems occurring anywhere between sales forecasting and distribution and customer service to support Congruence Management objectives.

Statistical analyses — provides data processing and statistical analysis support to companies working to solve problems of operational and strategic incongruities.

Training and development services — include a related set of seminars and workshops covering all aspects of Congruence ManagementSM topics, delivered in a variety of settings and mediums:

• The Congruence ManagementSM Approach to Value Creation (Cybernetica's signature workshop)

• Congruence ManagementSM in Business and Supply Chain Strategy Formulation

• Congruence ManagementSM in Designing and Controlling Business Processes I (Activity-based management)

• Congruence ManagementSM in Designing and Controlling Business Processes II (Process value analysis) v Statistical Methods for Congruence ManagementSM I (Statistical process control)

• Statistical Methods for Congruence Management™ II (Managerial decision making)

• The Practice of Congruence Management™ (Congruence Management™ Simulation)

• Customized Seminars and Workshops